An audiology unit is an organized unit in the otolaryngology department at Alexandria, Faculty of medicine. The unit is located in a separate building overlooking the eastern harbor in an area of 286 sq. meters. Outpatient clinics and lecture rooms are present on the first floor and the second-floor houses staff rooms, library, research areas, and cochlear implant rehabilitation center.

Comprehensive updated techniques for evaluation of auditory disorders, otological diseases and neuro-otologic problems are provided to patients from Alexandria and nearby governorates.

Audiologic rehabilitation programs with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and auditory training programs are available and utilizes the most updated management procedures for hearing impaired infants, children, adults and elderly.

A wide array of research has been and is continuing at the unit, examples include hearing screening infant programs in collaboration with community MCH centers, student hearing screening programs with the ministry of education, public and industrial schools.

Combined interest with the pediatric department opened areas of research in hyperbilirubinemia, epilepsy, malnutrition, infectious diseases, and integrated primary health care. Communications with computer science department in faculty of engineering featured production of software programs that refined the interpretation and analysis of audiological results. Nevertheless, design and manufacture of prototypes for evaluation of motion sickness has been done.

Miscellaneous studies of middle ear disorders aided with endoscopy, early detection of ototoxicity new protocols for selection of cochlear implant candidates and vestibular research are being conducted Genetic studies with the department of genetics has opened new fields for research in genetic hearing disorders.

Our Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Assembly is teaming with the Otology and Speech pathology divisions in a pioneering Cochlear Implant Project serving the whole of Northern Egypt. Both the “one channel” and ” multi-channel” cochlear implant systems are implemented at the Alexandria ORL Department.

Central auditory processing research is focusing upon patients suffering from aphasia, and children showing delay in speech and language development.Results are opening up new areas for understanding central auditory processing disorders.

Postgraduate programs include two degrees; Master degree in Audiology and Doctorate degree in Audiology. Program content is included that entails basic sciences, ORL diseases, audiological disorders, diagnosis and rehabilitation procedures in addition to a thesis.


Ossama Sobhy
Hesham Kozou
Mohamed Talaat Jr.
Samir Asaal
Doaa Al-Moazen
Merihan khamis El-Deeb
Hebatallah Mohamed Hassan