Course Director


Emad A. Magdy, MD, PhD (ORL)

Professor, Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt

Phone: (+2) 0122 458 8889

Time Schedule

Sunday 29/03/2020: Lectures & Video presentation
Monday 30/03/2020: Hands-On Training
Tuesday 31/03/2020: Live Surgery

Date & Venue

Date: 29-31 March, 2020
Venue: Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Alexandria Main University Hospital, Alexandria, EGYPT.

International Guest Faculty

Mark F. Marzouk, MD, FACS

Associate Professor,
Division Chief H&N Oncologic Surgery, Upstate University Hospital, Syracuse, NY, USA

Rahmatullah W. Rahmati, MD, MPH, FACS
Assistant Professor,
H&N Oncologic Surgery, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA
Shirish B. Ghan, MS, DNB(ORL)
Consultant, ENT surgeon,
Sujata Birla Hospital & Research Centre, Nashik, INDIA

Pan Arab Guest Faculty

Hesham Hasan, MD, FRCS (Ed) 

Associate Professor & Consultant,
King Hamad University Hospital & RCSI-Bahrain, BAHRAIN

Majid Althobaiti, MD, AB (ORL)
Consultant, Security Forces Hospital,
Riyadh, KSA.
Rajab Alzahrani, MD

Assistant Professor & Consultant, Albaha Medical College & SG Hospital, Jeddah, KSA

Rashid Alabri, MD

Associate Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, OMAN

Course Content

A 3-day hands-on comprehensive course including:
1st day (29 March): Introduction to key concepts in the field of sialendoscopy (minimally invasive salivary gland ductal diagnostic & interventional surgery) and step-by-step learning for safe & effective treatment of both parotid & submandibular gland ductal pathology patients utilizing didactic lectures and video session presentations.
2nd day (30 March): Hands-on practice for registered participants performed on fresh frozen cadaver heads using all the specialized equipment needed, under close supervision by an international faculty of experts.
3rd day (31 March): Entire day of live sialendoscopy surgery transmitted from operating room to attendees with live interactive discussions.

Course Fees

Course Details Local Participants* Participants from abroad**
Lectures & Live Surgery (two days) 3000 EGP 400 USD
Lectures, Hands-on & Live Surgery (three days) 8500 EGP 1000 USD

* Egyptian participants with current work in Egypt.
** Participants currently work outside Egypt.

Method of Payment

Payment can be made by one of the following methods:

  1. Cash: at the ORL Friendship Society, Alexandria.
  2. Check payable to:
    جمعية أصدقاء مرضي الأنف والأذن والحنجرة بالاسكندریة
    Gameat Asdekaa Marda Alanf Wa Alozon Wa Alhangara*
  3. Bank transfer to:
    Commercial International Bank (CIB)
    Sultan Hussein Branch- Alexandria- EGYPT
    Swift code: CIBEEGCX003
    Account name:
    جمعية أصدقاء مرضي الأنف والأذن والحنجرة بالاسكندریة
    Gameat Asdekaa Marda Alanf Wa Alozon Wa Alhangara*
    Account number (Internationals): 0389326653 (USD)
    Account number (Egyptians): 0389021197 (EGP)

** The account name must be written in Arabic OR English with the same spelling as shown above.