The Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University is staffed by 64 Faculty members (17 Emeritus professors, 18 professors, 13 assistant professors and 16 lecturers) divided into 6 specialized units. These faculty members are helped by assistant lecturers, demonstrators and residents as well as more than 80 nurses, secretaries, workers and technicians.


  Department Unit    

Faculty  Members (No.)



Head & Neck Surgery/Laryngology




  Facial Plastic Surgery


  Audio-Vestibular Medicine







The AlexORL department’s main objectives include: providing state-of-the-art patient care, teaching of fourth year undergraduate medical students as well as advanced postgraduate teaching and medical research.

I. ORL Outpatient Facilities:

  • Outpatient clinic : including 6 examination stations for ENT patient examination.
  • One outpatient operating room for day-case minor ENT surgeries.
  • Outpatient recovery room including 6 beds for postoperative recovery from day-case surgeries.

II. ORL Inpatient Facilities:

Operative suite that includes:

  • Four main operating rooms fully equipped with modern surgical otorhinolaryngology equipment including surgical operating microscopes, micromotor drills, surgical endoscopes, computer guided surgical navigation system, electrocautary, CO2 Laser and Coblator devices …etc.
  • A recovery room to provide for immediate post-operative patient care.
  • Doctor’s surgical lounge as well as changing room.
  • Surgical intensive care unit – SICU: that includes 4 beds equipped for intensive care management of critical and advanced surgical cases including skull base surgeries and advanced Head & Neck oncological surgical resections and reconstructions.
  • Two inpatient wards one for male and the other for female patients with a total of 48 beds.
  • A database unit: that includes a computer specifically used for entry of all operative inpatient data for the purpose of statistics, clinical research and medical report issuing.

The AlexORL department provides to patients from Alexandria and its nearby governorates all basic minor ENT surgeries (as adenotonsillectomy, septoplasty, myringotomy with ventilation tubes, direct laryngoscopy …etc) as well as state-of-the-art surgical procedures in all aspects of Otorhinolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery modern practice via its specialized sub-units including:


Tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy & cholesteatoma surgery, stapedectomy, middle ear reconstructive surgery, facial nerve decompression & grafting, Meniere’s disease surgery, cochlear implant surgery, acoustic neuroma and various other lateral skull base surgeries.

Head & Neck Surgery/Laryngology:

Microlaryngosurgery & other phonosurgery procedures, partial & total laryngeal oncological resections, neck dissections, microvascular and rotational flap reconstructions, thyroid and salivary gland surgery, surgery for snoring & obstructive sleep apnea, bronchoscopy and tracheal surgery.


Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic CSF repair, choanal atresia repair, endoscopic DCR, open as well as endoscopic sinonasal tumor resections, advanced anterior skull base and craniofacial resections.

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery:

Rhinoplasty & nasal reconstruction, otoplasty & auricular reconstruction, reanimation of the paralyzed face, surgery for congenital facial anomalies, Head & Neck scar revisions, facial rejuvenation surgery, hair restoration surgery and oculoplastic surgery.

The Audio-Vestibular Medicine unit is located in a separate building overlooking the eastern harbor in an area of 286 sq. meters. Outpatient clinics and lecture rooms are present in the first floor and the second floor houses faculty rooms, library, research areas and the cochlear implant rehabilitation centre.

Comprehensive updated techniques for evaluation of auditory disorders, otological diseases and neuro-otologic problems are provided.
Audiologic rehabilitation programs with hearing aids, cochlear implants and auditory training programs are available and utilize the most updated management procedures for hearing impaired infants, children, adults and elderly. Approximately 6300 patients are served annually.

The services provided include :

  • Basic audiologic evaluation.
  • Auditory electrophysiology.
  • Programs for hearing aids and cochlear implantation.
  • Vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation.

Our phoniatrics & communication disorders unit provides its services for about 3000 patients annually with over 20000 training sessions being performed each year. The spectrum of disorders being managed by this unit includes:

 I. Voice Disorders:  II. Speech Disorders:  III. Language Disorders:
 – Organic & Functional.

– Post-laryngectomy rehabilitation.

– Swallowing Problems.

 – Dyslalia.

– Nasality problems.

– Stuttering.

– Dysarthria.

 – Language Delay: hearing impairment, mental subnormality, autistic spectrum disorders, and cerebral palsy.

– Dysphasia & post-stroke problems.

– Learning problems & Dyslexia.

The unit has a modern voice lab that utilizes the latest equipment including :

– Digital video stroboscope system.

– Acoustic analysis systems:

  • The Voice Range Profile (VRP).
  • Sona-Match.
  • Multi-Speech.
  • Real-Time Spectrogram.
  • Visi-Pitch.
  • Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP).

– Electroglottograph.

– Nanometer.

– Phonatory Aerodynamic System (PAS).

I. Lecture rooms

  • Four lecture rooms fully equipped with modern audiovisual aids including computers, data show equipment and plasma screen TVs.
  • One teaching room specifically used for clinical examination teaching and equipped with facilities for closed circuit endoscopic patient examination.

II. Library

  • The department’s library that includes various up-to-date ORL-HNS textbooks and
    several subscribed international journals.
  • This is also provided with wireless internet access.

This 2500 Sq. meter facility located in the Mezzanine floor of the new Faculty of Medicine outpatient building will include:

New outpatient clinics: with modern waiting area and nine brand new fully equipped ENT examination rooms for better patient service.

New teaching facility area that includes:

  • Two teaching rooms.
  • Amphitheatre.
  • Library and Computer room.
  • Skills Lab.
  • Temporal bone lab.

Area for reallocation of both the Audio-Vestibular Medicine unit and the phoniatrics & communication disorders unit.